About us

Having fun with
clan wars and friendly competition

We’re just a bunch of friendly people who enjoy playing the game. We have frequent clan wars, participate in clan games, the clan war league and work as a team through donations and sharing game strategy.

A few things we’re known for

You won’t find a better bunch of people to plan Clash of Clans with. Everyone is friendly, they help each other and they’re always striving to improve their skills, tactics and understanding.


We believe strongly in donating troops to each other in an effort to help each other improve.


We’re friendly to new people and each other. We help each other with donations, tips and general advice.

Clan Wars

We take part in clan wars and the clan war league every chance we get so we can make the clan stronger.

Clan games

Clan games are a great way to work together to earn individual rewards and clan experience to benefit all.

Join the clan! Let’s pillage villages together!

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Barbarian King
That page I was using to provide information for the clan simply wouldn’t do and the communication tools within Clash of Clans is simply poor and they seem to have no intention to make it better. Hopefully this new design allows us to more easily share […]