Fixing Upgrade Mistakes

Sometimes we all make mistakes and if no one told you not to, you may have upgraded your town hall 3 or 4 times while neglecting everything else.

It is important to upgrade everything before your town hall?
Yes, it is extremely important. Having a high town hall and lower walls and units causes you to be matched up with the wrong level opponents which makes it easy for them to destroy you, but hard for you to destroy them. If you do by some chance defeat lower bases you get matched up with you won’t get bonuses. Secondly, you’re not going to be very helpful to your clan because you aren’t going to have any resources to donate troops and you’ll almost always lose stars in clan wars.

So, you have to fix this immediately. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Going forward, only upgrade your town hall once EVERY SINGLE ITEM is upgraded to its highest level – and that includes troops and spells.
  2. Stop trying to earn trophies for now. All you want right now is resources. Farm, farm, farm.
  3. Change your base into a farming base where all resource storage is at the center of your base so it’s harder for attackers to get to it. You can find examples of farming bases here.
  4. Because they are cheaper, only use Barbarians and Archers or Giants and Archers for your attacking troops. It’s all you need anyway. If you haven’t upgraded these troops, do it as soon as you can.
  5. When searching for bases to attack, look for bases which have an empty shield in the upper left (see below). These players have not attacked in a long time.
Empty shields means the player has not attacked for a very long time

6. When players don’t attack for a very long time, their collectors, because the player hasn’t played, are uncollected which means they have a lot of resources in them (see below). If you find a base with an empty shield and high resources, they are likely all in the collectors located around the outside of their base. You can actually see the elixir and goal in the collectors.

When collectors haven’t been collected you can see the resources inside

7. Use your Archers and Barbarians to attack only the collectors without caring about gaining stars or destroying other structures. You’ll automatically gain trophies back later so don’t worry about losing even 1,000 trophies if you need to.

8. Do this repeatedly, until EVERY SINGLE ITEM is upgraded.

9. Finally, upgrade your town hall and be proud knowing that your base is now back on track for being a truly awesome base!