Common Rules to Follow

  • Always upgrade all units and structures before upgrading your town hall. This includes all research, walls, and structures.
  • As you upgrade your town hall max your storages
    • Filling gold and elixir storages as much as possible will make it easier to perform upgrades after your town hall is upgraded
  • Don’t upgrade the same similar structures at the same time
    • Example: Don’t upgrade 2 mortars at once or 2 barracks at once
  • Don’t upgrade defensive structures in the same area
    • Example: If you have a Mortor and an Archer Tower in your base’s lower-left corner, don’t upgrade them at the same time
  • Always upgrade new structures to the level of existing structures before upgrading existing structures
    • Example: When going to Town Hall 8, your Archer Towers will be at level 8. Instead of upgrading them to level 9, upgrade your new Archer Tower to level 8.
  • After a town hall upgrade, please as many new items as you can anywhere on the map
    • Place traps first because they take no time to build
    • Place all your walls somewhere on the map
    • Upgrade all these items to pre-town hall levels

Upgrade Order

Laboratory: Needs to be the first priority because upgrading troops takes time. The higher level troops you have, the stronger your army will be, the better your donations, the more loot you can raid. Always have troop upgrades going.

Spell Factory: Spells are one of the most important things you bring into battle. Upgrading your spell factory allows you to unlock the spell so you can upgrade it.

Clan Castle: This is your most important defense and can also be your most important offense. You’ll get more troops. Make sure your Clan Castle is situated near the middle of your base.

New Structures: Place ALL new structures you received with the new town hall. Build whatever items take the shortest time first. For instance, get your traps down, then walls, then archer towers, etc. Upgrade all these to pre-town hall levels.

Gold Mines: Gold will be harder to come by. Best to upgrade these to have gold flowing in.

Elixir Collectors: Always good to have Elixir flowing in regularly. Best to upgrade them early.

Dark Elixir Drills: If you have them, best to upgrade them since it takes time to gather Dark Elixir and they help.

Heroes: If you have them, upgrade your heroes every chance you have. They become extremely important later on. On town hall levels where you get a new hero, place them down immediately since they take no build time.

New Structure Upgrades: Upgrade ALL new structures to the levels of your existing structures. For instance, if you already have Archer Towers at level 5, upgrade your new Archer Towers to level 5 before upgrading Archer Towers further.

Barracks: Upgrade one of your Barracks to unlock new troops, but only if you think you’ll plan on using them. Unlocking them allows you to upgrade them in the laboratory so it’s a good idea to have that troop available.

Dark Barracks: If you have them, upgrade one of your Dark Barracks to unlock new troops, but only if you think you’ll plan on using them. Unlocking them allows you to upgrade them in the laboratory.

Army Camps: The more troops you can have, the more successful your raids will be. Upgrade them to max out your troop counts.

Walls: Upgrade walls as you go. Start with bringing all your new walls to your existing wall levels if you haven’t already. During challenges and Clan Games try to get wall rings to save money on upgrading walls.

Defensive Structures

Mortars: Mortars do splash damage at a long range so they can kill a lot of troops with just 1 hit. Most attackers use low level troops to loot.

Wizard Towers: Like Mortars, Wizard Towers do splash damage but have a shorter range..

Teslas: Teslas have great attack speed, do 2x damage on P.E.K.K.As and have a long upgrade time. You’ll want to start them early.

Cannons: With their prices, Cannons are great single-target defensive buildings with good range and damage. Build cannons before Archer Towers because Archer Towers require more time to finish.

Archer Towers: Archer Tower can attack both ground and air units with a long-range and fast attack speed but require a quite long time for upgrading.

Air Defenses: Best protection against air attacks and absolutely important for later levels starting at Level 9.

Gold Storages: Only upgrade these if you’re running out of gold storage or you don’t know what to spend your Elixir on.

Elixir Storages: Only upgrade these if you’re running out of elixir storage or you don’t know what to spend your gold on.

Dark Elixir Storage: Only upgrade this if you’re running out of dark elixir space.