Selecting Members for War

Choosing players to participate in wars is based on donations. If you are in the top 15 donators on the day of the war, you will be added as a participant in that war unless you have your war status set to ‘out’ and you’ve been participating in previous wars.

Here’s the criteria:

  • Be in the top 15 of donators on the day the war is started
  • Have your Clan Wars turned on in your profile
  • Don’t have a history of missed war attacks

This same criteria is used for Clan War Leagues as well with the following exception:

  • All members on the roster are chosen for the Clan War League
  • Top 15 donators are put into the war itself
  • If a member neglects to use an attack in one of the wars, you may be substituted in for them

If you don’t make it into a war, continue to donate. Donations are reviewed each time members for a war are selected.

If we have 30+ donators, we will choose the top 30 donators.