Our Team Schedule

Between Clan Wars, Clan War Leagues, and Clan Games, we follow a schedule each season (month). Below that schedule is explained.

Here’s the schedule the clan follows each season:

  1. The first week of the season (month)
    • Participate in Clan War Leagues – a 7-day clan war competition.
    • The Clan only allows new members by invitation only.
    • The Clan does not participate in individual clan wars.
  2. The second week of the season (month)
    • The Clan participates in individual Clan Wars every day or every other day.
  3. The third week of the season (month)
    • Individual Clan Wars continue
    • The Clan will allow new members to join without an invitation.
  4. The fourth week of the season (month)
    • Clan Games begin
    • The Clan begins its break from individual Clan Wars
    • Our clan only allows new members by invitation only.

This schedule is, for the most part, followed each season (month).